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Fire & Ice at the Grand Canyon South Rim | Photography Blog

Photographing the most beautiful display of light I have ever seen. It was stormy and moody in the Grand Canyon and our drive was mostly through rain, but when the rain cleared. The sun started to set and created a beautiful display of fire & ice. Photos taken on April 27th, 2021.

Pictured above: Fire & Ice in the Grand Canyon

Pictured above: as sunset faded this beautiful pink glow illuminated the valley with dark blue skies above.

Pictured above: the sun sneaking through the clouds.

Pictured above: pre- sunset photos at the South Rim with @breezydaysahead

Pictured above: @synchhayds enjoying a crazy moody view.

Pictured above: @synchhayds enjoying a crazy moody view.

I hope you enjoyed this mini gallery of the Grand Canyon. For more follow me on Instagram @kevineassa and my girlfriend @breezydaysahead

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