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Luxury Bubble Hotel in Petra, Jordan | My Experience + Photos

Hey guys! Welcome to the blog. In this post I want to share my experience staying at Seven Wonders Luxury Camp in Little Petra, Jordan, in the infamous desert bubble room.

This is a photo I took towards the end of sunset of Seven Wonders Luxury Camp. We stayed here in August of 2021. It was my first international trip since March 2020 due to the pandemic. One of the owners here told me typically Petra has about 6,000 visitors a day... However, there were no tourists for close to 18 months. Now, she said there are about 200-300 visitors a day. In correlation, this camp that has more than 80 rooms that is typically fully booked, it is now a much different story. When we stayed here, there were only 6 guests including my brother and I. Only 3 rooms were occupied, I couldn't believe it.

However, this was easily the highlight of my entire 12 day trip to Jordan. Our stay here was UNBELIEVABLE. From the views, to the rooms, the service, the food, proximity, and everything else, this was one of the most incredible hotel experiences I have ever had.

Above is a photo of our bubble, only showing a fraction of our massive balcony that comes with the room.

Seven Wonders Luxury Camp is run by a couple that live in Wadi Musa, and stay on property when they have guests. A Jordanian man and his wife, who is Australian. So if you speak Arabic or English, you are good to go.

I booked our room on Expedia. For their cheapest room, it is $80, or $87 USD after taxes. This is for a bedouin superior cabin tent, it includes air conditioning and is a great room. But if you are looking to spend a little extra for an unforgettable experience, a queen bed luxury bubble or 2 twin bed luxury bubble are both $117 USD after taxes. My brother and I each paid $58.50 USD for a night in the bubble, I couldn't believe how affordable it was.

The entire camp property is well maintained, with some awesome walking trails around camp. There are multiple areas to hang out on the property. At night, they have lights scattered across the desert rock that brings the camp to life and makes you feel like you are on another planet. It looks like 'Petra by Night.'

If you are looking for sunset views other than the beautiful balcony, there is a hill behind camp that takes about 5-10 minutes to walk/ hike up, and it gives beautiful views from above camp to watch the sun go down.

Here is the cost of food on property. For breakfast, it is 5JD per person (about $7 USD), and for dinner it is 10JD per person (about $14 USD). Breakfast and dinner were both unbelievable. It is traditional Jordanian food, with some American options. Buffet style, and some of the best food I had in Jordan.

The staff is extremely friendly and is just the cherry on top of staying here. I can't recommend it enough.

For more, follow me on YouTube!

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