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What's Next? Travel Plans After Quarantine Lockdown

Well, it's been over 2 months of lockdown and quarantine because of the Covid-19 crisis. In the last 4-5 years, this is easily the longest I have ever 'sat still.' It has been nice in some ways, but horrible in others.

Some good things that happened... I was able to catch up on SOO much work that I've pushed off forever, I have been able to spend a lot of time with family, I built a studio in my bedroom, my new van is now converted, and I have been able to really focus on my health and diet and exercise (even though I sadly haven't been able to climb or lift weights). But it's been a nice little reset.

Some not so good things... Bri and I were hosting a 10 day group trip to Killa Expeditions, which we were sooo excited for, but we had to cancel the whole trip. Not to mention Bri and I only had one way tickets so we missed out on a lot of additional South America adventures. My mom was even going to come, her ticket I got for like $120 and 55,000 travel points, none of which I got a refund for, not dope. Also, quite frankly the world is going to shit, I've never seen the world so divided in my life, and it's horrible. Nonetheless, this is not a place for my political opinions or anything of the sort. This is a place for photography, travel, building a business, and things of the sort.

Check this out.

This is the beginning of what lies ahead. My van is in Baltimore, Bri is flying here Tuesday (June 9th), and we set the date to leave for June 12th. We will be trading in isolation at our houses, to isolation in the mountains, forests, and who knows where else. This will be our route. Departing from Ellicott City, Maryland, the order of our trip will be something like this... Maryland > Pennsylvania > West Virginia > Ohio > Kentucky > Tennessee > Arkansas > Northeast Texas > Oklahoma > Colorado. We're anticipating the journey to take 2 weeks.

You might think this is way too fast paced, but most of these pins are within 10-30 minutes of each other and MOST places on this map are less than a 1-2 mile hike. So super easy stuff to do. If you haven't seen or used this before, I made this on Google MyMaps, which is incredible. I LOVE using this planning tool. It's a place where, connected to your Gmail account, you can make maps and mark as many places on it as you want. I've used this pretty much for every single road trip I've ever done. It makes planning and finding the route super easy once you know all of the spots you're going to.

After this 2 week trip, I'm going to hang with Danny and some friends for a few days, then go camping with Bri and her family to celebrate her birthday. Then, Bri and I will head out for another month, with not much of a plan or an itinerary, way too far ahead to think and plan for lol. But we know one thing, if the USA/ Canada border opens, were b-lining it directly to Canada. We both wanted to spend a good portion of the summer there, so we have our fingers crossed that the border opens.

Anyways, not much of a blog on this one. I am going to keep it short as this is just an update. I'll be sharing tons more on this trip and everything upcoming on here, my Youtube, Instagram, and more!

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